Philippines Retirement Opportunities

Each one of us has the desire to spend the remaining years of our life in a productive yet enjoyable ways when we retire from our job or profession. For most people retirement plan is done in advance including the place where they would want to settle down by the time they retire. Those who think and plan their retirement ahead usually desire to go to a quiet place and engage in activities that they missed during their professional days. One of the best countries of preference in Asia is the Philippines. Retirement opportunities in the Philippines are available for both locales and foreigners.

It is a fact that the Philippine country has been on top in when it comes to preference country for retirement of most foreign nationals. Obviously it is because the dollar pensions can bring them farther with lavishly way of living; it is one of the best Philippines retirement opportunities for foreign retiree who desires value for their retirement money. They can enjoy retirement lifestyle fifty times bigger in the Philippines or just simply to say that a dollar is fifty times more when you spent in the Philippines. Primarily this is a practical and smart decision for a clever foreign retiree to grab this finest Philippines retirement opportunities.

The fascinating scenic attractions of the Pacific coast, the graceful swaying coconut trees, tropical sun and the marvelous rainforests are great satisfying which no one can resist.  Although there are some parts of the country that are hot and humid, but generally most areas are breezy and pleasurable. The Philippine island is a perfect place to live, with temperate climate and jovial community. The congeniality and joviality of the Filipinos would never let you feel a stranger in the place.

There are some preserved islands being developed which are just right ambiance for the retiree whose wishes is to live in a truly natural, relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the cost of living varies on the location where you want to live, if it is within or outside highly-urbanized it is expected that you will spend more rather than you are in provinces or sub- urban cities; since the country is agricultural and bounded by open seas, agricultural and marine products are relatively cheap. These are just one aspect of the Philippines retirement opportunities. where any retiree would want to enjoy.

Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV): Philippines Retirement Opportunities

If you are intending to retire and permanently reside in the Philippines without marrying a Filipina, the Philippines government offers a special visa for retiree who would want to come to the Philippines. The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) gives a retiree a right to live permanently in the Philippines. The SRRV application is made through the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration and tied- up with the Philippine Retirement Authority’s (PRA) Retirement Plan to foreigners and former Filipinos. However there are criteria that an applicant should consider when applying for SRRV. He/she must be 35 years old and above and physically fit. This is NOT considered as “Restricted” by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Get more details of this information from or

Earn while you relax: Philippines Retirement Opportunities

The Philippine government has seen the need for a retirement income of some retirees whose pension is not sufficient enough to support their lifestyle. Group of companies have just been organized to extend a substitute preference for foreign investors to participate and get involved in the fast growing organic farming industry by Philippines in the shares of stock in companies they build up and manage to improve agricultural lands.

It can also be considered that there are an increasing number of self employed retirement opportunities available on the internet which is a better way to earn additional income while at home. The beauty about running a home- based online business is that you can do it wherever. However before going into this kind of job, it is just logical to check on the credibility of the source website. There are many ways to find legitimate online job opportunities in order to safeguard yourself from those who would take advantage of you.

If you intend to retire and you choose Philippines, then you are at the right track! The Philippines Retirement opportunities are not only focused on investment or your wealth but more on the way to live a less cost yet lavish and peaceful lifestyle. The Philippines have all these to offer from nature wonders to legitimate business and investment; everything is available for a retiree to enjoy the best Philippines retirement opportunities.