Importing- Exporting in the Philippines

With certainty the Philippine economy is at a promising stage of economic growth.  It is a fact that is a country where a lot of possible businesses can be invested. Most so, it is projected to progressively transform into a dynamic open economy where the Asian market could freely invest and engage mostly in the industry of importing- exporting in the Philippines.

The Philippines has all the necessary means of production that are essential for the creation of strong and vigorous business and trade country, in which the exporters and the importers can take step to make a large sum of profit.  Although the development and growth is not yet visible, it is exists and it will do good to any entrepreneur who choose to put up a business and engage in importing- exporting in the Philippines.

Agricultural sector is the major sector in the country; this sector of the economy is the one responsible in the generation and production of all the food that the nation consumes and generates additional productions that are intended for export. More so, the Philippine is earning high revenue through export and regarded as one of the major sources of the country’s revenue. Foreign remittances, mining and manufacturing are also sources of the country’s income.

It is a fact that importers have a great agricultural sector at their disposal. Importers can even aim the big work force of the agricultural sector. More so, importers can further tie up with the other key sectors like mining which requires a highly and special equipments. The significant thought is the productivity of the companies will go up all the way through imported items, and buying more from time to time thus increasing revenues (taxes) from importation of products from all over the world.

On the other hand, exporters can make a choice from existing export collection of the country. There are varieties of items that the manufacturing sector produces for exclusive purpose of exporting together with the goods from mining and agricultural sectors. Apparently, this becomes the reason why the country is apt to become a highly productive and stable economy in the next few years.

Being renowned as international trading, the business of import- export in the Philippines is one of the best and popular profits gaining commercial development of this decade. Proprietors of an import export enterprise can also work as a distributor through focusing on exporting and importing goods and services that cannot be cannot be acquired on local soil or those merchandise goods that are less cost when imported from other countries like china made electronic gadgets. They can also open an export management company (EMC) that can assist an existing firm to market their products outside the Philippines by arranging the shipping and storing of the merchandise without actual selling. EMC can also possible act as a negotiator for a company, working on fee over the actual sales.

Any individual who may want to invest a business in import- export in the Philippines, these are the commodities that have a high demand in supply and production:


  • Food and live animals
  • Beverages and tobacco
  • Crude materials
  • Mineral fuels and lubricants
  • Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes
  • Chemicals and related products
  • Manufactured goods
  • Machinery and transport equipment

Pick your choice and try to invest! The Philippines has the best potentials of investment.